How to run Messagenet Talk on Mac 64-bit

We have received some reports concerning problems using Messagenet Talk on a Mac 64-bit.

These problems are due to an Apple VM bug; however you will be able to use Messagenet Talk by following the instructions below:

  • From the "Finder", open "Applications" folder, then open "Utilities" folder.


  • Open the application "Java Preferences". Now you will see the versions of Java currently installed.
  • Click on 32-bit Java version, then drag and drop it on top of the list. Please verify that the box next to 32-bit Java is checked, as showed below.


(If you are using OS X Lion you must check also "Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications")

  • Quit "Java Preferences".
  • Restart your browser (Quit and open it again).

Now you should be able to run Messagenet Talk without any further problems!