How can I view the faxes I receive in my mailbox?

Faxes are sent as an attachment to an email message.

In most cases you just have to double click to view the received fax.

On Window systems you must have a software capable of opening TIFF file images in a multipage format.

Imaging for Windows, usually installed by default on the operating system, works well for this purpose. To check if Imaging is installed, you can look for it in the Start menu, following the path:

Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Imaging

Other professional software, shareware and freeware are also useful for this purpose.

We recommend that you make sure the software that you intend to use will support the visualisation of TIFF multipage images.

If it won't, you will only be able to view the first page of your faxes.

MacOSX system users can use Anteprima software.