How can I send faxes if I no longer have a fax line after transferring my number?

With FAXout you can send faxes anywhere in the world from your email address or from the web. Therefore, you can send the documents directly from your computer without having to print them first.

If you have a scanner or multifunction printer, it is also possible to send documents that must be filled out manually and/or require a signature: just create the documents in PDF format and then send them from the computer with FAXout.

FaxOut is automatically activated for all registered Messagenet users that buy a recharge. Look at our rates and the instructions. Also, if you have a traditional analog line that you use to make and receive calls, and you kept your fax machine, you can simply hook it up to the line with a socket and keep the machine turned off. Whenever you want to fax a paper document, turn the machine on and send it in the usual way. Just remember to turn the fax machine off when you receive the delivery confirmation message.