What is VoIP?

VoIP (the acronym stands for Voice Over IP) is a technology that allows voice conversations to be routed over the Internet. The caller's voice is converted by the computer into data units flowing over the Internet. Another computer receives the data and turns it back into voice.

Every VoIP account is made of an identification number (URI) and a password which make you recognizable by the Messagenet VoIP network.

Other configuration parameters are available in the VoIP software guide.

You can use virtual numbers to call and to be called for free by other Messagenet users (FreeNumber or SmartNumber).

VIRTUAL NUMBER and URI: the virtual number identifies your VoIP account inside the VoIP network and can be used to make calls from one VoIP device to another. The URI is the configuration string of VoIP devices or software.

LANDLINE NUMBER: this number identifies your VoIP account so that it can be reached by any other telephone in the world.

VIRTUAL NUMBER PASSWORD: this password cannot be modified and is needed to configure VoIP hardware and/or software systems.