How do the call forwarding and the voicemail services work?

With SmartNumber and FreeNumber, you can activate incoming call forwarding (call divert) in one of the following cases:

  • if there is no answer
  • if the line is busy
  • if the phone is unreachable or not registered

A call can be forwarded either to your voice mail or to an external (landline or mobile) phone number. The cost of the forwarded call will be calculated in accordance with your rate plan. Calls forwarded to your voicemail or to other Messagenet numbers are free.
FreeNumber voicemail converts messages into MP3 files which are automatically delivered to your email address.
SmartNumber includes a complete voicemail service that lets you record your welcome message. You can receive messages in a convenient MP3 format directly in your mailbox, or listen to them on your computer from the web. You can access the voicemail service also by dialling the VoIP internal number 4242 or the landline numbers +39 02 8717-4242 or +39 06 9292-4242. The automatic responder (IVR) lets you listen to you voicemail messages, change your call forwarding settings, activate the voicemail service and customize your welcome messages.

In order to set your call forward log into our website, click on "Settings", "VoIP" and then select one of your VoIP numbers.