Mtalk supports Bluetooth?

Starting from version 1.8.14 (beta 1.0.134) you can use Bluetooth earphones and headphones with Mtalk for Android.
Using a Bluetooth device with Mtalk is very simple and similar to the usage with the built-in cellular phone app : just connect the device to your Android smartphone/tablet and the audio will be automatically redirected to the Bluetooth device also when calling with Mtalk.

During a call you can redirect audio from the Bluetooth device to the regular speaker and back clicking on the "Bluetooth" button located on bottom of the call view.

You can do the same simply connecting or disconnecting your Bluetooth device as you would normally do with the cellular phone app. 

It may happen a few additional call management features of Bluetooth device may not work correctly on certain devices. More specifically:
- The volume control keys should always work
- You can hear call and text ringtone both on smartphone and on Bluetooth device only if the latter supports Bluetooth A2DP profile (you can find this information on the manufacturer's website; essentially it's the ability to play music from smartphone or tablet directly to the Bluetooth device)
- Keys for hang up, answer and reject incoming calls may work slightly different from usual, depending on the model of Bluetooth device and version of Android. You may be able to use these functions with a single click,  a double click or a long click. Usually it's the same as when you use the built-in call app (1 click to answer/hung up, 2 clicks to reject an incoming call are available if the Bluetooth device supports the AVRCP profile - you can find this information on the manufacturer's website; essentially it's the ability to start-stop-stop music played from smartphone or tablet to a Bluetooth device). 

Some Android devices may need to enable the option "Options / Advanced Settings / BLUETOOTH / Re-init audio streaming" to ensure proper management of the audio speaker changes while in call (from bluetooth speaker to earpiece / loudspeaker or vice versa).

Audio redirection to some Bluetooth car kit may not work despite activating "Bluetooth" button on Mtalk call view; unfortunately this is a limitation of Android operating system.