Create new profile
Profile authentication
Tab Initialization
Tab SIP Proxy
Tab SIP Registration

First of all we need to be sure of some general informations. Go to Menu -> Options, and configure as follows:

  • User Information
    • Name: as you like (e.g. Mario Rossi)
  • Call Options
    • NAT Mapping Refresh -> Method: OPTIONS Request
    • NAT Mapping Refresh -> Timeout: 20 s

It is now possible to configure a new profile for the Messagenet VoIP service. From the tab Profiles click on New, and insert:

  • Profile Name: as you like (e.g. Messagenet)
  • File Name: as you like (e.g. Messagenet.ini)
  • Profile Type: Calls through SIP Proxy

Once you compiled this window, another one wil pop up, compile it as follows:

  • Initializazion:
    • Account: check Inquired, Saved, Required
    • Password: check Inquired, Saved, Required
    • Caller ID: check Inquired
    • Full Address of Record: do not check
  • SIP Proxy
    • Domain/Realm:
    • Check Use Outbound Proxy
    • Proxy(URI):
    • Proxy usage mode: Smart
  • SIP Registration
    • Check Register with Registrar
    • Check Notify server of suggested expiration time
    • Suggested expiration: suggested 180 sec
    • Transport of registered contact: UDP
    • Check Unregister only registered contact
  • Profile Options
    • Send DTMF as RFC2833

Once the OK is given, you will be asked for the credentials:

  • Username: 5xxxxxx
  • Password: password of the URI 5xxxxxx
  • Caller ID: empty