Siemens Gigaset C450 IP

Siemens Gigaset C450 IP

Messagenet is one of the VoIP providers Gigaset Siemens supports directly on C450IP VoIP phone, therefore the configuration can be downloaded directly on the telephone, if it is connected to the Internet. After the download, you will need to add your URI and password while your phone is connected.

We recommend updating the telephone base station firmware to ensure the best service. To update, follow the instructions of the telephone.

Procedure to follow on the cordless:

  • Menu
  • General settings
  • Base station
  • VoIP configuration:
    • It will ask for the system PIN, for example 0000
  • Choice of VoIP provider:
    • Select country
    • Select provider: Messagenet
    • Username: URI
    • Name authentication: URI (same as bove)
    • Password authentication: password associated with the URI

If you prefer to configure it using the base station web interface, please follow the instructions below: