Changelog Mtalk for iPhone and iPad

Version 3.5.4, November 29, 2016
 - Improved app background reachability for both calls and messages. Note: you may find further info here.
 - Bug fixing and improved stability and security.
Version 3.5.2, October 2016
- Bug fixing and stability improvements.
Version 3.5.0, May 2016
- Removed the "do not manually close the application" when  push notification only mode is active - More / Settings - Available.
- Bug fixing and improvements to reachability and answering calls from a notification.
Version 3.4.8, February 2016
- Now you can display and interact with the app notifications on your Apple Watch.
- Solved a bug that could adversely impact diverting a call to voicemail.
- Bug fixing and stability improvements.


Version 3.4.6, January 2016
- Now you can answer a call or reply to a message directly from the notification without unlocking the screen.
- Added a "Push notification only" option in More-Settings-Available; try it out and let us know how it works.
- Prolonged duration of the notification for incoming calls.
- Extended the VoiceOver feature also to the DTMF tones keypad during a call.
- Bug fixing and stability improvements.