New what's new

Version 3.4.8, February 2016
- Now you can display and interact with the app notifications on your Apple Watch.
- Solved a bug that could adversely impact diverting a call to voicemail.
- Bug fixing and stability improvements.


Google Play version 1.8.14
Beta version 1.0.134

Added Bluetooth support for earphones/headphones. For further information:
Better handling of the proximity sensor in order to simplify access to the calling interface commands
Added an audio notification for incoming cellular calls during a VoIP call
Thanks to your feedbacks we added specific optimizations for HUWAEI Y530, NGM Stylo and LG E460: users updating the app to this version may activate these optimizations by choosing the "Options / Reset default Settings" menu
o  Further bug fixing and improved stability

-----  Known issue: Audio redirection to some Bluetooth car kit may not work despite activating "Bluetooth" button on Mtalk call view; unfortunately this is a limitation of Android operating system.