How can I transfer my Italian landline number to Messagenet?

You can transfer your number to Messagenet (instead of receiving a new number) when activating a new SmartNumber. You can do this by following these simple instructions:

  • complete the online procedure for Number Portability by providing your details
  • pay the annual fee and the activation fee for SmartNumber with a credit card or bank transfer
  • Send Messagenet the following documents:
    1. the last invoice for the number you want to transfer with the sentence "tutte le bollette precedenti risultano pagate" (all previous invoices are paid up)
    2. for a physical person: a copy of the identification document of the person who will be identified as the subscriber of the line;
      for a legal person: business entity certificate not older than 6 months and a copy of the identity document of whom have power of signature;
    3. authorisation forms filled out and signed
  • These documents must be sent in one of the following ways:
  • via fax to the number 0291390400;
  • via e-mail to the address as an attachment in TIFF or PDF format.

As soon as you have made the payment, you will get an email from Messagenet containing a temporary number with the same prefix as your old number, and the instructions that explain how to start calling and receiving calls immediately.

When the documents arrive, Messagenet starts the Number Portability procedure, which takes about three weeks to complete.  During this timeframe, your will continue to use your current phone line to make and receive. As soon as it is possible, we will send you a message with the actual date of passage from your temporary number to your old number. After this date, the temporary number assigned by Messagenet will no longer be available, and SmartNumber will become active on your old number. Then, the switch from your previous telephone operator to SmartNumber is usually a matter of minutes.