In order to use our version, you will need:

  • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, original iPhone or iPod touch with the 2.0 firmware (or


  • Internet connection (Not a WAP connection) on your iPhone.
  • Download fring on the App Store.


  1. To initiate a call to a landline (or non-fring user) using fring, make sure to purchase

SkypeOut/SIP credits.

  1. Currently it is not possible to make VoIP calls over 3G/GPRS networks.
  2. In order to make voice calls using the iPod touch you will need the latest iPod touch (the one

with the volume control on the side) and a headset or an Apple certified microphone.


  • Installare Fring, e creare un account Fring.
  • Come da manuale, pagina 9: accedere al menu more
  • Selezionare SIP.
  • Selezionare Other.
  • Impostare:
    • User: <URI>
    • Password
    • Proxy: